Wedding Photography

     There are many great photographers around and many have quite the impressive portfolio.  With that said, let me tell you what makes TM Photography different.

      There lays a distinct difference between taking photographs and capturing memories.  TM Photography captures memories.  When working with our clients, we will go out of our way to make your day as special and memorable as possible.  This does not happen on the day of the wedding but begins when we first meet.  From the start, TM Photography works with you to collaborate and finalize your ideas so when the time comes, you get the best possible photographs.

     We like to go above and beyond with our clients.  When you hire us as photographers, we start from the first day brainstorming your perfect wedding.  Leading up to your wedding we will be in constant contact sharing thoughts and ideas.

     When your special day does arrive, you will not be working with a stranger but someone that you have gotten to know and trust for the past couple months.  This is where the best results are achieved.  Knowing your photographer allows you to relax in the front of the camera.  This allows you to show your true emotions.  That’s where memories are captured.  When looking back at your photos, you shouldn’t be reminded of having to pose for photos as some sort of chore but rather remembering how you felt during your first kiss as husband and wife or the first time you saw her in her dress.

     Believe it or not, your wedding day will fly by.  This is not the case when you work with TM Photography.  After your wedding, we continue to work together until you get the best possible photographs.  From prints to albums, we will help you design the best way to share your memories with others.

     As I said before, there are some great photographers out there.  I should know, I continuously look for inspiration to become better myself.  But TM Photography doesn’t specialize in just great photos but rather in giving you the best experience possible.

Wedding Packages starting at $1800