Engagement Session!

I had an amazing time this past Sunday taking photos of this lovely couple. Couldn't have asked for a more pleasant day to take photos outside. Especially when the very next day we got 6 inches of snow!

This engagement session help reiterate a few things.

1) While it is very important to take notes before the shoot for ideas ... It is more important to later refer to those notes to make sure you don't forget!

2) Rememeber to utilize all your equipement! You have it so use it! It will only make the photos better. Forgetting that you have a wireless flash will make it so you don't get well lit shots!

3) Scouting out your location before the shoot. This helps find perfect locations for shoots and helps get the mind thinking of creative shots... it also allows you the opportunity to find potential hazards. In this instance a rabid skunk that I almost stepped on. When I returned with the couple we did see the same skunk runnign in circles but at least I was prepared for what we might find. This could have been a disaster having this lovely couple get sprayed by a skunk!

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